Magic Hour at Southborough Allotments

Isn’t it strange, when you are on holiday, you still wake up at the same time as if you were going to work? In addition, I have been suffering with a bad cold for days which was not conducive to sleeping in. I had found myself waking up at some ungodly hour last Saturday morning and conceded that sleep was not going to happen. I decided to get up and experience photographing in what is known as the magic hour – the time just after sunrise (in my case) or sunset.

Looking out at the last few dahlias still going in the garden, I picked two in full flower (and a few nigella flowers on the way) and brought them inside to photograph before the sun rose.


Sadly our garden at the moment was not going to offer the range of blooms and autumnal colour I was after. So I layered up and headed down to our local allotments, knowing that there are always a few beds full of impressive dahlias.


The magic hour certainly lived up to its name. I headed home even before the dog walkers were out. I already felt better.

All images and text copyright Castles on the Ground, 2016


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