My background is in the visual arts, so I hope my photographs (and words) tell an interesting story of a house, a garden and a community.

I grew up in Perth, Australia where I studied fashion, textiles and photography. I landed in London in 2009, where I lived for a year before moving to Kent and working as an art and photography teacher.

Teaching leaves me little time for following my lofty ambitions to be a photographer and artist so the blog is my creative outlet and gives me the opportunity to get to know the town I love and now call home.

I married an Englishman and moved in to his home part way through renovation (conveniently after all the dusty work had been completed) and felt very lucky to live in the beautiful home we created.

Desperate for more space and a garden, we put the house on the market in August 2015 and it sold in a week. The buyer offered us an additional sum to keep all of our furniture even down to all the antique plates on our dresser and wanted a list of all the paint colours! We had so many positive comments about how the house looked, I thought I’d share our inspiration and document the work in progress of the renovation of our new home.

Our new home is a detached house built in 1933 with lovely bay windows and original fireplaces in the bedrooms. It is not a period of architecture which everyone raves about but it has great light and space. So it will be interesting trying to adapt our style to suit the period, without recreating the fustier aspects of the past.

I hope you will also enjoy the vignettes of Southborough life through the people I meet and join us on our (long) journey of the renovation of our home.